Eldest Limited Edition In Stores

The Eldest Limited Edition, similar to the Eragon Deluexe Edition released two years ago, has now officially hit stores in the United States and Canada. The Limited Edition, which has a cover price of $23 (USD), contains not only a flashy, gold-plated cover, but new drawings from Christopher Paolini, an exclusive look at the golden dragon Glaedr in a fold-out poster, an excerpt of the history of Alagaesia, an excerpt from Book III, and much more!

Keep in mind that if you’re interested in getting either a copy of Eragon or the Eldest Limited Edition personalized and signed by Christopher Paolini, the only way to do so is to order a book (or two) from the Shur’tugal store – an option that should be releasing within the next few days! We’ll keep you posted! (Please note: You will be banned for posting any contents of the book in the site comments or on the site forums.)