Happy (Late) Birthday, Joelle!

Unfortunately we missed the mark by two days on this (leave it to Mike to do that), but on Thursday, Joelle “I don’t wear pink flowery dresses” Saveliev celebrated her 17th birthday! Joelle, seen here wearing her Shur’tugal Staff Uniform and working effectively on the site, is one of our most hard working staff members. Coincidentally, Joelle’s second anniversary on the staff was celebrated on June 23rd.

Joelle, who designed Shur’tugal’s current layout along with the majority of site graphics you’ve seen over the past two years, is a fun, quirky, a hardworking staffer, and a great friend who we would be very stranded without. When in need of a graphic or two (or even a new layout), Joelle jumps right onto the project. Thanks for everything, Joelle!