Eragon Takes Over Comic-Con 2006

Planning on attending this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, California? We are too, and we’ve got details! Not planning on going? Well, it isn’t too late to start! We’ve compiled a page full of information about Comic-Con, including why it will appeal to Eragon fans (not only is Christopher Paolini going, but so are guests from the Eragon movie and game). Comic-Con registration lasts up until at the door at the convention itself, so don’t worry, you’ve got a few more weeks to think about it!

The convention is takes place at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. This year, the convention is being held from July 20th to the 23rd. Shur’tugal staffers including myself, Joelle, Bob, Matt (Heck), and YoliPolee (from the forums) will all be there for all four days. More details can be found on our Comic-Con page. If you plan on going, please scroll to the bottom of the page for information specific to you! Hope to see you there!