Shur’tugal’s Server – We Need Your Help

As many of you know, this summer is the “Summer of Video” for users here at We kicked it off with our E3 Video, and will continue with the Eragon trailer as well as a huge video from Comic-Con International, and a few video podcasts. However, something most don’t realize is the toll this takes on our servers, and in turn, our wallets. Shur’tugal isn’t a company – all staff are unpaid volunteers. Shur’tugal costs us over $8,000 a year to run. Increased video means increased bandwidth. We’re already seeing this with our E3 video, which in only 20 hours used up nearly half a terabyte of bandwidth – 1/5th of what we’re allowed a month! With over 620,000 unique visitors a month, this won’t be easy without your help.

What we’re asking for you to do is, if at all possible, spare a few dollars for the website. We’ve set up a simple PayPal donation link which will allow you to donate a few dollars using the most secure internet money transfer website on the internet. And to make things even better, anyone who donates any amount of money to Shur’tugal (remember, every penny counts!) will be automatically entered in a drawing to win a free Eldest audio book, signed by Christopher Paolini and Gerard Doyle (audio book narrator)! The money we earn from donations will be put towards paying the growing server bill, which we anticipate will nearly double this summer. So please, if you can, spare a few dollars and help out your number one source for everything Inheritance!

To read more and to learn how you can donate, please visit this page. Thank you in advance for your help!