Eragon Movie Mobile Community

20th Century Fox unveiled their newest promotional campaign for the Eragon movie last week during E3 – the Eragon Mobile Community. While at E3, I sat in front of a Fox camera crew and recorded an “advertisement” for the new service, which allows you to send a text message to your country’s mobile code and receive some cool things back.

While there, I sent a text message containing the word “Eragon” to the USA mobile shortcode and got a free Eragon wallpaper back for my cell phone! By signing up, you’ll be among the first to see unique highlights from the film and the game, as well as take part in the first-ever global mobile scavenger hunt, where you’ll have a chance to win some fantastic prizes!

For more information, click here to view a scan of the advertisement card given to me at E3! This advertisement contains a list of the country shortcodes for you to send a text to!