Eragon E3 Mania Begins

It’s now 10 PM in Los Angeles, where I’m staying to attend the E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) to preview the Eragon movie, Eragon video game, and interview the makers of the Eragon video game. In the morning, I’ll be heading out to the LA Convention Center.

Earlier today I heard a rumor that there was a giant Eragon poster on the side of the LA Convention Center and immediately had to go check it out to take pictures and post them for you guys. As a result of my paparazzi work (and almost getting a traffic violation ticket from the testy police officers here in Los Angeles), I’m proud to share with you all the official start to the E3 Eragon Mania – the following five pictures of the giant Eragon ad:

Ad Picture 1, Ad Picture 2, Ad Picture 3, Ad Picture 4, and Ad Picture 5

As you can tell from the temporary site header, I’ll be updating you all periodically throughout the day to let you know about what I’m seeing and doing at E3. For those die-hard video game fans that visit the site, I’ll also try my hardest to check out the new Nintendo Wii as well as PS3 and more!

So, be sure to keep visiting and refreshing throughout the day (remember, I’m in Pacific time, and the convention starts at 11 AM) for awesome exclusives!