Christopher Paolini Live in the Shur’tugal Chat

As some of you may already know, March 5th marks the second anniversary of Yes, it’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years (I worked for three months before the site’s official opening to get it running), but more on that later!

We are both extremely delighted and excited to announce that Christopher Paolini, our favorite author, will be joining us on the Shur’tugal chat room this coming Sunday, March 5th, to answer your questions (a live interview) in celebration of the site’s second anniversary.

The chat room is free to use and is open to every visitor on the site. You can access the chat room but clicking on the “Chat” button on the site’s header, or by clicking here. To use the chat, you’ll need java enabled on your browser. Furthermore, a box will popup the first time you enter the chat, asking you if you’d like to accept our Secure Server Certificate, to which you should accept.

So, to sum things up, Christopher Paolini will be here, live on the Shur’tugal chat, ready to answer your questions this coming Sunday, March 5th, at 3 PM Eastern Standard Time. Have a question about Eragon, Eldest, or Book III that’s just been nagging at you? Now’s your chance to ask it! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity! See you there!