Eragon Video Game News

Magazine “Game Informer” published an article in their March 2006 issue, releasing the first bit of news regarding the Eragon video game, slated to release in Fall with the Eragon movie:

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers developer Stormfront Studios is back with this adaptation of Christopher Paolini’s hit fantasy novel. The game is coming out in conjunction with a movie planned for this December, and the title allows gamers to fly around on Eragon’s dragon Saphira as he learns to become one of the legendary Dragon Riders and avenge the death of his family.

The article also mentions that the game will be released for all current game consoles except XBOX 360 (we’ve contacted Stormfront and Fox for more information regarding this decision and will update you as soon as we hear more). Thanks to reader EragonNerd for the article.

An insider of ours has told us that Ed Speleers (Eragon) recently traveled to London, where he modeled for the character in the game.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Alec, we now have a scan of the article which can be viewed here.