MWH – Shur’tugal Podcast Ep. 2

Episode two of Manin, Wyrda, Hugin, Shur’tugal’s official podcast, is now online and available for download! Join your favorite Shur’tugal staffers (Mike, Joelle, and Mat) as we discuss the latest news and information in the Inheritance fandom. This week we’re joined by Lindsay Anne Klemm, composer of a fan version of the Eragon soundtrack. You can learn more about this week’s episode on our episodes page. As always, a direct download link is available for users who are unable to subscribe to the podcast.  If you haven’t already subscribed to the podcast, you can do so here using one of our many free podcatchers (we recommend iTunes)!.  (Please note that we’re having some difficulties and the Christopher Paolini Birthday Scrapbook page, as well as the new contest page, both will not be online until tomorrow, Wednesday, October 12!)