Manin, Wyrda, Hugin – Shur’tugal’s podcast

After over 10 hours of recording (and re-recording), editing, and scripting, and then a four day wait on Apple to approve us, we’re finally able to proudly announce the release of Shur’tugal’s podcast, Manin, Wyrda, Hugin (Memory, Fate, Thought in the Ancient Language).  Once every fortnight (every two weeks), we’ll be bringing you a new episode of Manin, Wyrda, Hugin (don’t worry, it’s completely free!).  This week’s episode released a bit late because of Apple, so our next episode will release on October 3rd.

This week’s episode, our premiere episode, is hosted by me and co-hosted by Matthew Heck and Mat Kingerski.  Joelle Saveliev drops in as news anchor, and Kim Kincaid (a.k.a. "Fatty Lumpkin") joins us for an interview.  Join us as we discuss the latest news and information in the Inheritance world!  Coming soon, we’ll be announcing contests, special interviews, and more!  You can learn more about subscribing to the podcast on our subscription page.  Feel free to send us feedback and/or voicemails using the forms on our podcast section.  Enjoy! (Big thanks to my friends over at MuggleNet for the podcast idea and their assistance with getting MWH up!) You do NOT need an iPod to be able to subscribe and listen to MWH.