Shur’tugal’s year-and-a-half Anniversary

Today marks the year-and-a-half anniversary of Shur’ It was on this day, 534 days ago, that I had decided to begin work on what was to become the largest and most informative Inheritance Trilogy fan website on the internet. I’m thankful to say that without the assistance of my wonderful staff, the Paolinis, Simon Lipskar, and Random House, this site wouldn’t be what it is today. For that, I am very grateful.

As part of our "mini-celebration" (really, there’s cake and ice cream at Bob’s house), we’re proud to announce that our mascot, Volund, has grown! You can head on over to our Shur’tugal Mascot page to see how Volund has grown, and re-visit some of the finer memories of Volund’s childhood. As always, the design credit goes to Joelle Saveliev, the site’s brilliantly evil graphics designer.

Also, another treat we’re extremely excited to release to you all is the beginning to our Eragon chapter pictures collection. "Fatty Lumpkin" has designed the first six chapter pictures for Eragon. Because the book doesn’t have any chapter pictures, we felt that we needed to make some for the fans. You can view the first six brilliant chapter pictures on our Eragon Chapter Pictures page. Fatty will continue her work on the chapter pictures and we will release new ones to you all over time.  Enjoy!