Shur’tugal’s Eldest contest winners

We’re very sorry for the delay there was in posting the winners.  Each winner has been notified and prizes are in the process of being sent out.  We had over 500 total entries, all of which were extremely creative.  Thank you to everyone who entered.

We decided to divide the art contest into two separate categories – one for drawings and paintings, and one for sculptures.  For the drawing/painting half of the contest, Fatty Lumpkin’s painting of the final battle scene from Eragon and her drawing of Merlock the jewler tied with David D.’s drawing of the Ra’zac for first place.  Allison P.’s drawing titled "The Dragon Rider" won second place.  Lesley B.’s four drawings (Durza & Arya, Mind Invasion, Scrying, and Murtagh) won third place.  For the sculpture half of the contest, Pavil came in first place with his sculpture of Saphira.  Matthew came in second place with his sculpture of Saphira.  Mallory came in third place with her sculpture of Saphira.

For the Invent-a-Character Contest, Tsubasa came in first place with her character Rin, a human assassin.  Delzek came in second place with his character Draken, a Shade.  Lastly, Kat L. came in third place with her character Delois, a human fighting against the Empire.

Shur’ fan Tissa was our lucky box set drawing winner.  Winners for the trivia contest and the contest contest have been notified.  Congratulations to our winners!