Eldest spoiler policies and news archives

Eldest is almost just a week away and we feel that it’s time to release our Eldest spoiler policies. The policies give details on what is and is not allowed to be posted/discussed on the various features here at Shur’tugal. Make sure you read the policies before continuing to use the Shur’tugal features. If you break one of the spoiler rules, you will be automatically banned from that feature.  Also, no fan-leaked spoilers will be published on Shur’tugal, so don’t worry about the book being ruined for you!

We’re proud to announce the newest addition to Shur’tugal: news archives. Journey back in time to read the very first (and embarrassing) news posts made by the Shur’tugal staff, or just catch up on news you might have missed! The archives can now be accessed via the news archive link on the left navigation.