Harry Potter fan?

Yes, I realize this is an Inheritance Trilogy fan site. So why am I posting about Harry Potter? Well, the majority of Eragon fans are Harry Potter fans. Everyone knows that. Everyone also knows that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince releases in only a few more days!

Many fans also know about Spellbound! 2005, the largest Harry Potter release party on the planet. This party is all day long on July 15th in Chicago. I’m flying out from Massachusetts to Chicago to attend the party and to help out on staff. Shurtugal.com is an official sponsor of the party. You can find our name printed on all of the t-shirts, ads, etc. being sold at the party.

Look for Bob and me at the party, if you plan on going! Bob and I will be wearing the red Spellbound! staff t-shirts, handing out Shurtugal.com stickers (they’re a must get — Joelle designed and printed them!) and flyers! Hope to see you there!