The 12 Days of Eragon Christmas

Welcome! Come one! Come all! Tis the Christmas Season after all! See the 12 Days of Eragon Christmas why don’t you! Each day is a new image, what more can I say? Just keep checking back each and every day!

A lot of us are familiar with the old Christmas Carol, “The 12 Days Of Christmas”. Well this year at, we’ve decided to give this song a bit of a twist – an Eragon twist. If the above rhyme doesn’t explain it enough, each day the header will be updated with a new verse to the song. We’ll start with 1 thing on December 14th, and end with 12 things on December 25th – Christmas day. You can view an archive of the headers for each day incase you miss a day by clicking here! Enjoy!

Today’s Image: Twelve Frogs (or Toads) a Leaping…

Edit: For those of you who may be wondering why we didn’t start the “12 Days” on Christmas and end on January 6th – we decided not to do this because keeping the Christmas layout up that long past Christmas is out of the question… so instead we started it on the 14th of December and will end on Christmas day.