New Alagaësia Newsletter

Today, Christopher Paolini’s newest Alagaësia Newsletter was sent out, containing lots of information and updates! In the newsletter are excerpts from other language’s editions of Eragon, talk about Eldest, and even a mention of the C.D.P. which we sent to Christopher for his birthday:

Last month, I mentioned that the manuscript for Eldest would be finished by the time you received this newsletter. I almost made it; I am writing the final chapter. And while I look forward to completing this project, a part of me is sad to see it finished. Once the images in my mind are set to paper, the emotions and drama forced to mere words, I am left with a reflection of that which fires my imagination. I hope my words are adequate to convey the drama vividly to you.

You can read the full newsletter, along with all the other archived newsletters, by clicking here.