Help Project Zar’roc

Everyone has noticed the Zar’roc Meter that I’ve added to the top of each page at the site by now. It’s a meter to keep track of the amount of money so far raised for Zar’roc.

Originally we were told that Zar’roc would be around $300. Well, when we got in estimates from Scott, the man who is doing the forging, we realized that the $300 sword would be virtually unusable. We quickly decided that the $800 sword, the next step up, would be our best bet. So here we are, needing your help to raise the rest of the money! We’ve raised around $425 so far, and we only need $375 more!

For those of you who are wondering, Zar’roc will be as close to exact as we can possibly get it. The size will be the same, and all of the details from the drawing Christopher did will be made on the sword. The sword will even have its red tint, like in the book!

What we’re asking for is some more help – we’ve done great so far. We’ve raised over $425, and we only have $375 more to go. Remember, a donation of any size can help us more than you know. If you’re interested in donating, you can visit the “Project Zar’roc” donation page by clicking here. Thank you all for your help with Zar’roc!