Layout Changer

As some of you might have noticed, above the google ads there is a header with “Layout Changer” and six buttons of different colors are below it.

That is because Mike and I have teamed up and made six versions of the same layout but with different colors. At this moment there is: Red (Default), Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Grey. If you click on either one of the buttons above, then the page will be reloaded with the new layout of the color you choose.

NOTE: You must have cookies enabled for your browser. This layout changer script uses cookies, which are files of specific data saved onto your computer, some computers have this feature disabled, for security issues. To enable cookie or check to see if you are using cookies follow the directions below:

Click on Tools on your internet browser menu. Click the tab on the top labled “Privacy”. There should be a bar with a slider on it, with a lable and description on the right of it. Move the slider to “Medium High” to enable cookies on If the slider bar is any higher than “Medium High” then cookies will not be stored from Make sure that your parents do not mind you changing the settings of your interent browser before making any changes.

Also, one more update. Mike and I have made a new skin for our topsites. So if you are interested in seeing the new design, or signing up to be a member of our growing topsite list, then please click here.

Hope you guys like the new updates!