Paperback Eragon and Portuguese Eragon!

Eragon was released in Portugal this week, starting off with a huge Eragon book release party at St. George’s Castle in Portugal. This party looked really fun! It’s a bummer we couldn’t attend! Kenneth Paolini was kind enough to send me a few pictures from the book release party and two article scans which you can view at the following links:

Book Release Party Picture #1
Book Release Party Picture #2
Portuguese Article #1
Portuguese Article #2

Bob’s Edit: I typed up Article two and tried to translate, it isn’t that great but it does provide some understanding of what it says:

With only 20 years, CHRISTOPHER PAOLINI is a threat J.K. ROWLING. It wrote Eragon (launched yesterday, 15, in Portugal for the Gailivro), the first volume of the Trilogy of the Inheritance, that in carries them to the world from a small one with being able special. In U.S.A., the workmanship ocopou the I. * place in tops, destronando Harry Potter and the Order of Fénix. E the Fox already bought the rights to carry through a film.

For those of you who are interested, the Portugal publishers of Eragon made an official Eragon website (in Portuguese). The site has some cool wallpapers you might be interested in using! You can visit that site by clicking here!