DE Release

Hey everyone. It’s occurred to me that many of you may not know the release date of the Deluxe Eragon Edition. We had originally reported it to be released on August 11, but the correct date is August 10. We aren’t sure if the date was changed or if we just had our facts wrong. Below is what Kenneth Paolini had to say.

We have a copy of the Deluxe Edition. It is sitting three feet from me. There is a gold foil box around the Palencar art on the cover. There is a circular gold foil stamp that says “Deluxe Edition–Excerpt from Eldest BOOK TWO IN THE TRILOGY. Exclusive Foldout map. New art by the author. Expanded language guide.”

There are thirteen pages of new language guide material, followed by the eight pages of the first chapter of Eldest.

The foldout map is perforated-bound at the back of the book. It measures 16 inches by 19.5 inches. On the backside of the map, there is Christopher’s artwork of Eragon’s sword, Zar’roc, which measures 5 inches by 8 inches.

The release date for the Eragon Deluxe Edition is August 10, 2004. It has the same ISBN as the existing edition of Eragon.

Also, thanks to Kenneth Paolini, we now have the first, full size image of the Deluxe Edition cover. (Opens in new window)