A look at Edlest’s book cover

Today, Kenneth Paolini spoke about the upcoming book “Eldest”, and its book cover. According to Kenneth, the cover has been designed, and the design that Robby from Dushurtugals.commade is very close to the real book cover itself. Here’s what Kenneth had to say:

“The art is done for Eldest. We have not seen a mockup of the cover design, but it is not hard to think what it will look like, based on Eragon. Robby from Dushurtugals.com created an Eldest cover that is probably pretty close to what will be printed on Eldest, with a different color background, probably more red, not brown, the type will be the Eragon font.

During the Newsnight with Aaron Brown piece on CNN that they did on Christopher, they showed John Jude Palencar’s art for the Eldest. Robby took that and created a cover mockup… … …

Robby’s screen grab from the video is very low quality. The art in person looks very sharp. This dragon is not a friendly puppy.

Eragon has the dragon looking to the left. Eldest has the dragon looking straight on. The third book, I guess, will have the dragon looking to the right. When viewed together it will be very impressive.”

You can view a picture of the book cover Robby designed using a screenshot taken from CNN by clicking here.