Site Updates and Corrections

Well, today I have made about 10 content updates, all of which are listed on the right under “Updates”! I have gotten many emails complaining about the Fanfiction part of the network… the problem is now fixed, and you all can add your stories! For them to add, you MUST select a rating for them! It will not add unless there is a rating for them!

Also, any Competitions submissions have been lost due to unfortunate problems with the email. If you could please re-submit all submissions, that’d be great! Remember, the prize is an official Eragon Mouse Pad!

On another note, the Alagaesia newsletter went out two days ago. Some of you may have noticed that Christopher made a mistake when writing it:

Also in Boston, I got to meet Mike from the Du Shur’tugal fan site, who came to both my events there and recorded a brief interview with me. You can read it at Cool!

Incase you have been wondering, that was me Christopher was talking about. I am very honored that Christopher remembered me out of all of his fans, that’s very cool. He did, however, make a mistake when writing out the site that I work for, he put dushurtugals instead of Shurtugal. No big deal. Any way, look for more updates on Friday!