:: Version 2!

Welcome to Version 2.0! I have been working every day all this week to bring get it working, and it’s finally done!

Along with the new layout, lots of features have been added! You will notice that a site network was added, containing the Topsites, Fanfiction site, Fanlistings, and a Gallery! You can check out all these sites by clicking here!

Along with the network, I have added a email section to the site! On the right navigation menu, you will find an area to login or sign up! I have also added a feedback form which can be used to contact any of the staff, submit content, etc.

A new contests section has been added! Check it out by clicking here! Check out this months contest! This month’s prize is an Official Eragon Mousepad!

Last, but definatly not least, we have a new affiliate! was added to our affiliates, and has its forum up! Enjoy the new stuff! Content updates are listed on the right navigation bar!