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Last week we featured an editorial for young author Kaleb Nation, creator of the Bran Hambric series, in which Kaleb also fielded questions from Shur’tugal visitors on everything from becoming published to living as a young adult author. Kaleb’s editorial and Q&A session went extraordinarily well and it was an inspiration for all of us here at Shur’tugal to see so many young adults inspired by Kaleb and Christopher to pursue a career as a young author. As a thank you for your interest, Kaleb Nation has returned to offer Shur’tugal visitors an exclusive first-author-read of the first chapter from his upcoming second book, Bran Hambric: The Specter Key.

Keep reading for a video introduction from Kaleb Nation, as well as trailers for his first and second books! View full article »

Kaleb Nation: Young Adult Author Inspired by Christopher Paolini

Like Christopher Paolini, Kaleb Nation started writing his debut novel, “Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse“, as a teenager. Since then, Kaleb successfully published his first novel, with the second set to hit shelves on October 10th. Kaleb has also launched a successful blogging career (you may know him as the “Twilight Guy”) and vlogging career on YouTube, in addition to creating all of his own websites and book trailers and running one of the most impressive author-driven book promotion campaigns online. We are also excited to announce that Kaleb will be joining the staff of Lytherus in the near future.

Kaleb took time out of his very busy pre-book-launch schedule to share the story of how Christopher Paolini inspired him to begin writing a novel as a teenager and where that choice has taken him. Kaleb will also be joining Mike in the comments to answer questions from Shur’tugal fans interested in writing their own novels! Whether you’re a fantasy fan or aspiring author, Kaleb’s tale is sure to entertain and inspire you. Continue reading for the article and join us in the comments if you’d like to learn more about being a young author, how to get published, and more! View full article »

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