Two dragon-filled fantasy worlds collide in this interview with Christopher Paolini and Rachel Hartman

Every fantasy world is better with dragons! Several years ago, we sat down with two mega fantasy authors who most certainly agree: Christopher Paolini (Inheritance Cycle) and Rachel Hartman (Seraphina, Shadow Scale, Tess of the Road). The two dragon masters expertly weave tales of dragons, politics, and the plights of fantasy in the worlds of

Eragon and Arya were originally going to leave together – and their relationship could still happen!

To celebrate the most love-filled holiday of the year, we’re looking back to a relationship many of wish had happened… but ultimately didn’t: Eragon and Arya! It was the big question throughout the series, and a large focus for fans in the lead-up to Inheritance. Would our fan-favorite couple and two of the series’ lead

Our new art posters bring back the Riders and make Eragon/Arya finally happen!

We’re trying something new: a very limited run of fan art poster prints featuring some of the Cycle’s main characters! Our first run includes our ‘Five Dragons of Alagaësia’ art and two new pieces: one featuring the Cycle’s four Riders and the other beautifully illustrating our favorite hopefully-will-be-someday couple, Eragon and Arya! Head on over