Happy Valentines Day!

We’re having fun sharing some of our favorite could-be and should-be Inheritance Cycle “ships” on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, as a fun way to celebrate Valentines Day! For those of you who have yet to join us on social media (head on over!), here’s a round-up of our posts: “Dragon love?! #HappyValentinesDay #ShipSaphiraFirnen”

Big news: Christopher has finished the first draft of his sci-fi novel!

Big news in the world of Paolini: Christopher has officially finished the first draft of his science fiction novel! The new book has been a work-in-progress since 2012/2013, beginning with nearly ten months of planning and research. While working on the manuscript, Christopher regularly shared progress updates, including photos, as he completed new chapters. Christopher

Introducing our Ugly Alagaësia Christmas Sweater!

It’s time to be ugly – in style! This Alagaësia-themed Ugly Christmas Sweater will have your fellow fantasy fans and friends envious as you spread holiday cheer in an interesting way! The design, exclusive to the Shur’tugal Inheritance Cycle Merchandise shop, incorporates the series’ dragons and magic (using the yawë and brisingr symbols) in a fantastical

The first annual Alagaësia Hunger Games have begun! Teams enter the arena!

Let the first annual Alagaësia Hunger Games begin, and may the odds be ever in our favorite characters’ favor! One of our favorite book series, The Hunger Games, saw its final film adaptation (Mockingjay, Part 2) hit screens today. To celebrate the occasion, we’re bringing the Hunger Games to Alagaësia – with our own spin on things!

You can now buy autographed prints of Christopher’s artwork! Enter for a chance to win “Aren”!

The map of Alagaësia and the piercing eyes of the series’ dragons have accompanied us on our decade-long journey through our favorite fantasy world. These pieces, as well as the art featured in the Cycle’s various collectors editions, were all brought to life by the same brain that created the series: Christopher’s! For the first