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From successful fantasy/dragon television shows such as Game of Thrones to anime such as Avatar: The Last Airbender to the rise of comics and graphic novels, we think there’s a lot of potential for Eragon to work in other media. In this, the first of two articles, we explore television shows, miniseries, and animated films!

eragon-in-other-mediums-tv-showTelevision Show

What The Walking Dead did for zombies, Game of Thrones is doing for medieval fantasy worlds and dragons, by helping to bring it into the mainstream. This opens the door for the success of similar shows. With Game of Thrones at its back, an Eragon TV show could gain a lot of traction.

Breaking up the books would be no easy task. Eragon would make a great first season, with enough content to easily fill a thirteen hour-long episode run. From there, the books could be split into multiple seasons, clearly requiring more than one each to cover all the content.

One challenge, however, is that Eragon and the Inheritance Cycle would require an unusually large budget to bring Alagaësia to life. Unlike Game of Thrones, the Cycle features magic and dragons in virtually every part of the books.

If it did happen, what channel would it air on? This is a tough question, as it could play on broadcast channels (Fox, ABC, NBC) but may be better suited for cable (AMC, FX), or premium channels (HBO, Showtime). The latter could allow for larger budget, higher production quality, and in-depth plot development.

There’s also room for Eragon to make waves on the booming internet-based media, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and other original shows have propelled Netflix into the television arena, and their most recent release, Daredevil (in partnership with Marvel), made a huge splash in the comic book world, demonstrating viewers’ desire for this kind of content. It’s also important to note that because Netflix shows are built with the understanding that a large portion of their audience will binge-watch, creators are given more freedom to pace the plot in unique ways. Continue reading this article…


Who is your favorite main character? (Poll)

favorite-main-character-headerThe Inheritance Cycle is filled to the brim with lovable, bad-ass main characters. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but we’re asking you to do just that! We’re letting Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Murtagh, Roran, and the rest battle it out to see who wins the title of the Inheritance Cycle fan community’s favorite main character!

It’s going to be a tough fight, and we expect some surprises, upsets, and backstabbing as each main characters tries climb to the top!


Defend your favorite character’s honor: vote and spread the word! We’ll post a summary of the results once we close the poll!


Fan-made mega project: Journey to Alagaësia… in Minecraft!

Bringing the world of Alagaësia to life is no small undertaking, taking Christopher over a decade to build the world and write the series. Now, a team of gamers and building enthusiasts are pulling Alagaësia from the page and into the popular video game, Minecraft! The video game gives players the ability to create buildings and entire worlds block-by-block, similar to Legos, and includes various adventuring mechanics.

The talented team has one unified goal: create a replica of the Cycle’s world for readers to adventure through, explore, and eventually, live as Dragon Riders. The world will be filled with all of the towns, cities, and landmarks from the books, and will feature accurate geography. The complete map will be hosted on a server for readers to freely explore. Eventually, plugins designed and developed by the team will add new gameplay mechanics such as magic based on Christopher’s Ancient Language, the ability to ride dragons, and much more. With no set storyline, fans can make their own choices and help to shape the future of Alagaësia! Continue reading this article…


Fan Art: Murtagh and Thorn can still be feared

murtagh fan art post header

Murtagh has always been a fan favorite among the pool of Inheritance Cycle characters, and as such has spawned a wealth of incredible fan art over the years.  We’ve had the opportunity to discuss many of these pieces of art, dissecting the traits and struggle of Eragon’s half brother due to the vacillation of his character’s journey in our beloved series.

At times good, bad and somewhere in between, many fans stayed loyal to Murtagh over the course of the series, while turning on other residents of Alagaësia.  In fact, even at the conclusion of the Cycle, Murtagh was unsure of his relationship with the newly freed peoples of Alagaësia and decided to join Thorn on a soul searching journey, headed north toward the uncharted lands of Alagaësia.

We know that Christopher will continue to spin tales set in the world of Alagaësia in Book 5 and beyond.  We also know through multiple teasers from the author that these stories will at some point include Murtagh and most likely Thorn (unless it’s an Eragon prequel).  From our Book 5 page:

Will there ever be a book about or featuring Murtagh?
Christopher: Let’s just say we haven’t seen the last of Murtagh. 😉

Do we get more of Roran and Murtagh in Book 5?
Christopher: Heh. I’ll take it under consideration.

Think, for a moment, about what kind of character Murtagh will return as.  It’s probable that his sojourn to discover himself will have him siding over with the allies of the freed Alagaësia once and for all to battle an unseen enemy.  Murtagh has a lot to repent for, and it’s clear that he would like to put the past behind him and better himself as a person. Christopher is noncommital on what the future holds, although his hint does seem to indicate that Murtagh will one day better himself and seek forgiveness from those he hurt:

Continue reading this article…


Don’t worry: An Eragon movie reboot isn’t a bad idea

dont-worry-e-movie-headerHaven’t signed the petition yet? Over 40,000 other fans have, and now it’s time for you to add your voice to the conversation! Sign the petition here.

Just under a month ago, we released a petition asking Fox, the Inheritance Cycle’s film rights holder, to reboot Eragon on the big screen. The community responded in droves, with over 40,000 fans adding their signatures and sending one unified message: we want an Eragon movie reboot. Our petition continues to expand by hundreds of signatures per day.

We’ve released a series of articles exploring whether or not we’ll see another reboot, what Fox needs to do in order for a rebooted Eragon movie to succeed, and answer the question, “Is there a place in Hollywood for the Eragon movie?” Most importantly, we continue to back the petition and look forward to sending it to Fox alongside the incredible statistics behind our community’s response.

We’ve noticed some confusion as to what a “reboot” would entail, and concern from fans who worry that another Eragon movie isn’t a good idea after how the first movie turned out. We want to help ease those fears by explaining why we believe that isn’t something to worry about. Continue reading this article…


Announcing our Inheritance Cycle tattoo gallery!

tattoo-article-headerWe’re excited to announce the release of the latest addition to our collection of Inheritance Cycle galleries: fan tattoos!

Dozens of Cycle fans have decided to have their favorite characters, symbols, and quotes tattooed on their bodies. The pieces are beautiful, moving, and fun to view. We’ve compiled all of these tattoos into one comprehensive gallery and will continue to add to it as more tattoos are shared!

Do you have an Inheritance Cycle tattoo? Send it to us on Twitter or post a link to a photo in the comments and we’ll include your tattoo!

Check out the complete gallery of Inheritance Cycle tattoos!

Now we ask: If you were going to get a Cycle-inspired tattoo, what would it be and why?


Our “Dragon Egg Hunt” has ended!

ending-headerOur Dragon Egg Hunt, an epic quest through Shur’tugal to seek out dragon eggs and clues to win prizes, has come to an end.

Visitors were given the first clue to track down Angela and a hidden TARDIS, sparking the hunt. Here’s a full breakdown of the clues and their corresponding pages: Continue reading this article…


The Dragon Egg Hunt continues!

Many Hunters have already managed to finish the Hunt, but there’s still time left! If you find all eleven hidden eggs and the password to the giveaway page before April 8th, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a signed Inheritance Cycle books and autographed goodies! For full details, instructions, and the first clue, read our “The “Dragon Egg Hunt” begins!” post.

As an update for those who already completed the Hunt: If you encountered the [Word Here] bug, feel free to enter that as one of your “words,” or go back to the page for the proper word, as the misbehaving egg has been spoken to! (We will count your entry if you did encounter the bug.) We apologies for any confusion there – some of these eggs can be quite mischievous!

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far, and good luck to those still hunting! Remember: the clock is ticking, and once the eggs hatch, it will be too late to enter the giveaway!


hunt-bannerWe often celebrate Easter with exciting egg hunts through our homes, forests, and fields. Candy, money, and small toys can be found in the eggs, making the hunt even more exciting! In Alagaësia, we imagine children and families celebrate by hunting replica dragon eggs! The children who find the most dragon eggs would win fun knickknacks and gorge on sweets and treats! Continue reading this article…


Yesterday we featured the incredible Eragon video game concept art by illustrator Michael “Rusty” Drake. Many fans were surprised to learn that the video game, released alongside the Eragon movie, was inspired by and based on the book rather than the movies, leading to a world more like the one we saw in the books. Much of Rusty’s artwork was inspired by the visuals provided in Eragon and the plot locations were driven by what was found in the film script.

More of Michael "Rusty" Drake's incredible Eragon video game concept art can be found in our gallery!

More of Michael “Rusty” Drake’s incredible Eragon video game concept art can be found in our gallery!

Our interview sheds some light on the unique process behind bringing the world of Alagaësia to life as a video game! Continue reading this article… is © 2004-2014. is owned by Mike Macauley, in partnership with
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