Zar’roc Art

Kenneth Paolini posted a picture of Zar'roc (Eragon's sword) in the Yahoo! Eragon Group today. Zar'roc was drawn by Christopher himself, who has proven to be quite a talented artist too! You can see...

Word From The Paolini’s

Kenneth Paolini, Christopher Paolini's father, has asked for the Eragon fansites to post the following: We urge fans not to respond to people claiming to be Christopher online. Christopher has not never communicates with...

Eragon still at #1

I noticed today that Eragon still happens to be #1 book on the New York Times Best-Seller list. This is Eragon's 28th consecutive week on the Best-Sellers list. Congrats to Eragon and Christopher Paolini!...

Site Down Time

For those of you visiting the site last night who had the message "Bandwidth Limited Exceeded" show on the screen, we are very sorry. The problem has been fixed and should not happen again!

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