Eldest Release Date Petition!

Well, as we have all heard, Eldest (the next book in the trilogy) has been pushed to be released in Fall 2005. I, and many other people, happen to think that this is horrible and would love to see the publishers move the release date back to the original one set: Fall 2004. Basically, Robby

A fantasy fulfilled with tale’s success

An article featuring Eragon and Christopher Paolini was written over the weekend: Even an imaginative writer like Christopher Paolini admits he couldn’t make a story like this up. Five years after Paolini began writing his first book at 15, his fantasy adventure “Eragon” has become a publishing phenomenon, spending more half a year on The

New Edition of Eragon!

Christopher Paolini has reported in his newest post on the Alagaesia Newsletter that a new edition of Eragon is being worked on: [i]”In addition to working on ELDEST, I’ve also been working with my editor on a special edition of ERAGON that will be released this fall. It will include quite a bit of information

Some Updates

Hey all, I am the new staff member 8) I am the PHP Scripter, also known as c0d3m0nk3y :huh: Here is what I have done so far: 1) Got the poll working correctly and fixed display settings. 2) Wrote a script for the Job Openings page. So if you are interested in joing the staff


After a long time of preparation, hard work, and lots of effort from our staff, Shurtugal.com is finally launched! Some features are still being worked on such as the newsletter, topsites, forums, and chats… but those should be up within the next week or so! We’d like to thank all of the devoted fans who