Zar’roc Art

Kenneth Paolini posted a picture of Zar’roc (Eragon’s sword) in the Yahoo! Eragon Group today. Zar’roc was drawn by Christopher himself, who has proven to be quite a talented artist too! You can see the picture by clicking here.

Word From The Paolini’s

Kenneth Paolini, Christopher Paolini’s father, has asked for the Eragon fansites to post the following: We urge fans not to respond to people claiming to be Christopher online. Christopher has not never communicates with fans in that way (since early 2003). Also, no one has read any part of Eldest, other than his editor, agent,

Eragon still at #1

I noticed today that Eragon still happens to be #1 book on the New York Times Best-Seller list. This is Eragon’s 28th consecutive week on the Best-Sellers list. Congrats to Eragon and Christopher Paolini! To view Eragon and the other books on the Best-Seller list, click here.

Eragon Fan of the Week Competition!

Shur’tugal’s fan of the week section! Each week, we chose a different fan that we think is the biggest, the mostdevoted, and the best Eragon fan! Once we choose the fan of the week, we send them a series of questions to answer.  These questions can be found on their Fan Spotlight Profile!  If you

Hot on Frodo’s hobbit heels… featured an article containing comments about the up-coming Eragon movie: Remember the horse-drawn cart that carried Gandalf the Grey into Hobbiton at the outset of The Fellowship of the Ring? The wizard had better move over: Hollywood has an army of sword-wielding knights, sage sorcerers, monsters, elves, and Renaissance Faire look-alikes about to jump

Eldest Release Date Petition!

Well, as we have all heard, Eldest (the next book in the trilogy) has been pushed to be released in Fall 2005. I, and many other people, happen to think that this is horrible and would love to see the publishers move the release date back to the original one set: Fall 2004. Basically, Robby

A fantasy fulfilled with tale’s success

An article featuring Eragon and Christopher Paolini was written over the weekend: Even an imaginative writer like Christopher Paolini admits he couldn’t make a story like this up. Five years after Paolini began writing his first book at 15, his fantasy adventure “Eragon” has become a publishing phenomenon, spending more half a year on The

New Edition of Eragon!

Christopher Paolini has reported in his newest post on the Alagaesia Newsletter that a new edition of Eragon is being worked on: [i]”In addition to working on ELDEST, I’ve also been working with my editor on a special edition of ERAGON that will be released this fall. It will include quite a bit of information