Buckfish or Bubbles?

Many of us have heard the rumour that the third book in the Inheritance Trilogy will be called Eldest… some time last week, a fan in the Eragon Yahoo! Group asked Kenneth Paolini (Christopher’s father) to confirm that name, or disprove the rumor… this was his responce: “Book 3 might be titled Empire, Bubbles for

Fantasy novel keeps reader turning pages

In a Book Review published early yesterday featuring Eragon, the Decatur Daily writes: A mix between the popular “Harry Potter” series and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Eragon” captures and stimulates the imagination. It is full of battles, mystery and a search to uncover the past of Alagaesia, the world in which Eragon lives.

Site Updates and Corrections

Well, today I have made about 10 content updates, all of which are listed on the right under “Updates”! I have gotten many emails complaining about the Fanfiction part of the network… the problem is now fixed, and you all can add your stories! For them to add, you MUST select a rating for them!

Shurtugal.com :: Version 2!

Welcome to Shurtugal.com Version 2.0! I have been working every day all this week to bring get it working, and it’s finally done! Along with the new layout, lots of features have been added! You will notice that a site network was added, containing the Topsites, Fanfiction site, Fanlistings, and a Gallery! You can check

Eldest Release Date Petition Problem

As some of you may have noticed, there is a huge problem with the Eldest Release Date Petition. While I was checking up on the current signatures count this after noon, I realised that 2000 of the signatures were deleted/lost. This is a huge problem, as we had over 2,500 signatures. I ask you to

Eragon the Game in the Making!

Eearlier this week, Kenneth Paolini mentioned information about an Eragon video game, as well as an Eragon RPG that are in the making. There is, as you have correctly surmised, a great videogame, RPG, computer game in Eragon. The Fox 2000 company (the movie studio) owns the games rights. There is substantial interest from the