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Secrets On Wings of Black New! by Silanthia

Rated: T - Teen • 0 Reviews

Scattered throughout the worlds, the Fae and the Demi-Fae have not been seen or heard from for nearly a century. Abundant in myths and legends, few remember the Fae and Demi-Fae as more than pretty humanoid creatures with wings. But King Galbatorix knows of their power and potential. He has hunted all across the Empire for the remaining Fae and Demi-Fae, but has been met with little to no success. But one day, a young slave girl catches the eye of his servant, the Shade Durza. She was different from the rest of the humans surrounding her; soemthing about her bearing that betrayed her alien blood. She is purchased and brought to Gil'ead, where she is tortured until she reveals her heritage: she is Demi-Fae. Just a few days before, Durza had captured a Rider as well. Who could resist Galbatorix if he controlled two of the most powerful beings in the Empire?