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Book Sales, Contest Winners, Podcast Number, New Staff

Lots of site updates! Firstly, the online book sale of personalized and autographed (by Christopher Paolini) copies of Eragon and Eldest (Limited Edition) will end on December 5th. All orders placed on or before December 5th will arrive to you on time for Christmas! Also, new support/contact information for the Shur’tugal Store can be found

Exclusive Interview with Ray Gresco and Christopher Paolini is proud to release the final part of our Eragon game interview series. This final interview is with lead XBox 360 designer Ray Gresco of Sierra Entertainment and author Christopher Paolini. During the approximately forty-minute interview attached to the most recent episode of ShurtyCast, Ray explains to us the design process of the game,

ShurtyCast News, Trailer, MV Discussion

Mike and Tim recorded a normal podcast to fill the gap between interviews one and two, and it is now up for download on the site and in your feedcatcher. The episode discusses the new trailer, Mythic Vision, and our overall thoughts on the movie. Along with that are the normal sections, a news discussion,

Shurtycast Episode 15 – Trailer Time!

The Shurtycast team is back at it again, this time with our fifteenth installment of the show.  Join Tim, Joelle, and I as we discuss (with as little bias as possible) the new Eragon theatrical trailer, Saphira, the video game, Ra’zac, Tim reading Teen Vogue, and more!  We also offer our usual music recommendations, book

ShurtyCast Episode 14

ShurtyCast is back with Episode 14! A small cast this week (Mike and Tim) recorded what we agree is one of our best discussions yet on the Saphira pictures, and the new Eragon game screenshots. With this comes the normal news recap, site discussions, and music recommendations. ShurtyCast 14 is 56 minutes long, and the