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Happy Valentines Day!

We’re having fun sharing some of our favorite could-be and should-be Inheritance Cycle “ships” on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, as a fun way to celebrate Valentines Day! For those of you who have yet to join us on social media (head on over!), here’s a round-up of our posts: “Dragon love?! #HappyValentinesDay #ShipSaphiraFirnen”

Our “Dragon Egg Hunt” has ended!

Our Dragon Egg Hunt, an epic quest through Shur’tugal to seek out dragon eggs and clues to win prizes, has come to an end. Visitors were given the first clue to track down Angela and a hidden TARDIS, sparking the hunt. Here’s a full breakdown of the clues and their corresponding pages:

Brewfest comes to life in this ultimate guide to Alagaësia’s first community-invented holiday!

Brewfest is the first community-designed Alagaësia holiday! Inspired by Oktoberfest and other holidays celebrating the fall season, Shur’tugal and the Inheritance Cycle community set out to invent stories, recipes, games, and more to make this holiday a true and organic part of the world. . Announcements Throughout the World As Brewfest draws near, heralds and barkers …

Celebrate the ultimate ‘Inheritance’-themed Halloween with these epic pumpkin stencils, costume guides, and party ideas!

We’ve shared a wealth of ideas and guides to help make this year’s Halloween a memorable one for Halloween fans, including pumpkin stencils, costume guides, and party ideas. To help bring it all together ahead of the year’s spookiest holiday, we’ve compiled this community guide with everything you’ll need to know to throw the ultimate Halloween …

A Toast to the Community! Brewfest Lore and Closing Ceremonies

As October draws to a close, so does the inaugural celebration of the  Inheritance community’s first ever fan-created holiday, Alagaësia Brewfest! Uniting  all races of Alagaësia, Brewfest is a holiday centered around celebrating the closing of the Fall harvest, looking back on the year that was, and looking ahead to the future. Inheritance fans and the …