Brewfest Archive

Brewfest comes to life in this ultimate guide to Alagaësia’s first community-invented holiday!

Brewfest is the first community-designed Alagaësia holiday! Inspired by Oktoberfest and other holidays celebrating the fall season, Shur’tugal and the Inheritance Cycle community set out to invent stories, recipes, games, and more to make this holiday a true and organic part of the world. . Announcements Throughout the World As Brewfest draws near, heralds and

Brewfest Games and Food: Horst’s Sweet Cider, Black Jelly, Elven Treeshaping, Kull Arm Wrestling, and much more!

Brewfest celebrations are well underway! For those of you who may be new to the latest Alagaesia holiday, let us catch you up: we tasked our readers with helping us invent a new holiday set within the world of Alagaesia. The holiday is loosely based around the October “Oktoberfest” celebrations across the world, where revelers