Eragon Movie Archive Updated

We aren’t sure exactly when it happened, but sometime fairly recently, the VUG site also underwent a large design update. The new design has a background of Saphira in the sky much like the first Saphira movie poster, and a group cast picture. There is some music playing in the background, but it is

More Eragon Game Footage

G4 TV, a gaming and technology cable channel and online website, has released a series of interviews and trailers for the Eragon game.  The interviews feature footage we’ve never seen of the XBox 360 version, unique fighting sequences, background gaming information, a deeper look at the characters as they appear in game, and explanations from

Eragon Game Trailer Released

Vivendi Universal Games, the company producing the Eragon video game for PC, consoles, and handhelds recently released their trailer for the PC/console version of the Eragon game.  The one minute, forty-six second long trailer shows far more of the game than we’ve seen before: the Ra’zac, Durza in action, battle scenes, fighting Urgals, Saphira in

Eragon Game Box Pictures

Vivendi Universal Games has just sent Shur’tugal an exclusive first look at both the 2D and 3D box art for all versions of the Eragon video game (releasing on November 24th). The boxes, which list the different ESRB ratings (E10+ to T), feature photos of the main cast and Saphira, similar to the recent promotional

Exclusive Eragon Video Game Screenshots

Our good friend Jack from Vivendi Universal Games sent over a great batch of exclusive, never-before-seen screen shots from the upcoming Eragon video game! For the first time, we get a look at the video game version of Murtagh, and more importantly, a look at the video game version of Saphira! Also included in the