Eragon Movie Archive

Exclusive Interview with Ray Gresco and Christopher Paolini is proud to release the final part of our Eragon game interview series. This final interview is with lead XBox 360 designer Ray Gresco of Sierra Entertainment and author Christopher Paolini. During the approximately forty-minute interview attached to the most recent episode of ShurtyCast, Ray explains to us the design process of the game,

10 New Eragon GBA Screens

Shur’tugal has recently received ten new screenshots from the upcoming Eragon video game for the GameBoy Advanced. These screens show various parts of the games and characters within it, including the RPG features and the combat system. See them here: Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image

Eragon Game 30-second TV Spot

A new Eragon Game TV commercial has been received by Shurtugal. This 30-second long advertisement for the Eragon video game has been airing on multiple TV stations in the US, and possibly abroad. While it is a game commercial, and features mostly clips from the game, there are some video clips of Saphira and Eragon

Eragon Game Cinematics

Shur’tugal has received a video of some of the cinematics from the Eragon video game for PC/console. The cinematic, which is a cutscene (not playable – views as a movie between scenes in the game), shows scenes of Brom and Eragon as they journey to Daret, narrated by Ajihad. You can view the cutscene in

New Eragon PSP Shots

Thanks to Shurtugal fan Jeb and, Shurtugal is able to post ten new screenshots from the Eragon PSP game, set to release November 17th. These screenshots show both the storyline mode, which is told from Saphira’s perspective, and the ad-hoc player vs. player combat mode. View them here: Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Eragon Game Theme Song

Thanks to a tip from the composer himself, we’re now able to bring you the official Eragon Theme from the Eragon video game, composed by Robb Mills for Stormfront Studios. The song, which totals about six-and-a-half minutes, couldn’t fit the theme of the Eragon book (and game) better. You can listen to the song by

Eragon Demo Released on XBox Live

Vivendi Universal Games and Stormfront Studios released today a demo for the console version of the Eragon game, available to XBox Live Gold subscribers. A representative from Vivendi has told us that they’re working to make the demo available to all XBox players for free. Vivendi also told us that a demo for the PC

Exclusive Video Game Screenshots

Today, Vivendi Universal sent us five new exclusive screenshots from the Eragon video game. Two of these screenshots were taken from the higher quality cutscenes that take place in between gameplay. The new screenshots show Durza and his steed, as well as our first look at the Kull from the XBox 360 version, and a