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Friday Comic-Con Coverage

The long Friday has ended for us at Comic-Con, and our report and pictures are finally online. You can read the report here, and view the pictures in our Friday gallery. We do apologize for all the pictures being out of order, but with the limited time we have, we’re focusing more on getting them

Comic-Con – Thursday Coverage

After spending our first day at Comic-Con International here in San Diego (after a crappy travel day), we’ve published both Wednesday and Thursday’s daily reports, as well as the album of pictures from Thursday. You can view all three of those features by following the links below. On another note, we have extended the deadline

Shur’tugal CCI Information

As many of you may remember, several members of the Shur’tugal staff will be attending the annual Comic-Con International convention this week and weekend. Comic-Con hosts panels from the publishing, TV, comic, and movie industries. This year, panels will feature hit TV shows such as 24, Heroes, Lost, Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis; upcoming movies such

Paolini, Pullman, and Pierce

In a follow-up to their first combined interview/discussion done a few years ago, the three Random House authors grouped up to talk fantasy and their own books last November. The discussion has been divided up in to 9 different podcasts, all available from the Random House website. The podcasts are completely free to listen to

Virginia Tech Catastrophe

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families of yesterday’s tragedy at Virginia Tech, which left thirty-two people dead and many more injured. We wish only the best for those who lost loved ones and those who have to cope and grieve with this terrible loss.

New Trilogy Answers From Christopher

Czech fan site recently received a reply to their open letter from Christopher Paolini, answering some questions they had about the Inheritance Trilogy.  Christopher’s response has since been released in Czech fantasy magazines and is being used for promotion by the Czech publisher.  You can read the questions and answers, which answer some intriguing

Eragon For Your Cell Phone

Vivendi Universal recently released their Mobile Eragon game, now available for download on cell phone devices. We’ve been told by Vivendi that the game is available for people using the following providers: Verizon, Cingular and T-Mobile, and will soon be available to Sprint and Amp’d Mobile users. Vivendi was kind enough to provide Shur’tugal with

Interview with ILM Artist Jean Bolte

CGSociety, a society of digital graphic artists, recently interviewed Jean Bolte of Industrial Light and Magic for one of their Artist Profiles. Bolte was a key artist in the group that had worked on the special effects for the movie Eragon, including, among other things, the stunning effects for dragon Saphira. The group with ILM

Eragon Premiere Red Carpet Interviews, Part One

The first half of our two-part giant release of exclusive interviews from the red carpet of the World Premiere of Eragon are finally live for viewing. Each video can be viewed as streaming flash, streaming QuickTime, or downloaded to your computer. The rest of our exclusive red carpet interviews will release in twenty-four hours! Enjoy!