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REVIEW: Sabriel, Abhorsen Trilogy Book 1

Initially published in 1995, Sabriel is the first book of Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series, a book that gives readers a thrilling alternative to more derivative fantasy novels. Author Garth Nix combines the horror of the undead and necromancy with the mystery and imaginative nature of modern fantasy to achieve a wonderful balance between fear

REVIEW: The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 1

The Amulet of Samarkand tells the story of a young apprentice named Nathaniel, who becomes fed up with constantly being underestimated and humiliated by his Master. In Stroud’s London, the government is composed of immensely powerful Magicians whose main source of power comes from the summoning of Demons (also called Djinni). Seeking revenge, he secretly

Hypothetical Future of Inheritance Movies – Pt 1

It doesn’t take most Inheritance fans long to react to the Eragon movie from 2006. “Hardcore” Inheritance fans’ consensus was dissatisfaction with plot alteration. Unfortunately, in Hollywood this isn’t an uncommon occurrence—in fact, movie studios are infamous for heavily altering the plots of movies adapted from books. Movie studios face a difficult task in converting

Borders Bookclub with Christopher Paolini

We’re excited to exclusively release the entire Borders Book Club with Christopher Paolini, available only to fans of until Tuesday. Some of you may recall our search earlier this month for talkative and excited fans to venture to Michigain to discuss Inheritance with Christopher Paolini and other fans. We now have an hour-long Book

Comic-Con – Sunday, Day 4

Sunday – and with it Comic-Con 2007 – is finally over. We’re all ready to be heading back, and we’ve just about finished packing everything up for our early departure tomorrow morning. In the interest of time, we’ve published today’s pictures, but have not yet completed today’s report. Check back later in the week (tomorrow

Comic-Con 2007 – Saturday

Tired beyond belief, we’ve posted our pictures and (breif) report from Saturday at Comic-Con San Diego. Tomorrow is the final day of the convention, and should yeild a longer report, as well as our final wrap-up. We hope you enjoy the report and pictures, and we’ll see you tomorrow after as much sleep as possible.