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Christopher Paolini’s recent Rolling Stones feature article is now available for online reading!

We recently posted about a Rolling Stones feature profiling Christopher Paolini and the family behind one of the world’s best-selling fantasy series. One Rolling Stones reporter was allowed to shadow Christopher and his family during the hayday surrounding the release of Inheritance, and the article is the result of the reporter’s observations and interviews. It

Christopher Paolini featured in four page Rolling Stone spread! — “The Prince of Dragons”

Christopher Paolini has been featured in the March issue of wildly popular “Rolling Stone” magazine as one of four pop culture figures profiled, alongside the likes of Paul McCartney (The Beatles) and Danny McBride! The spread, which takes up almost five pages of the magazine, features an incredible photo of Christopher in his home state

New interview featuring Christopher with Amazon released, bringing 40 minutes of interesting questions and answers!

Christopher Paolini recently participated in a rather long video interview for Amazon Germany totaling over 40 minutes! The video interview was released in nine parts and is recorded in English (with German subtitles). Christopher is asked a number of interesting questions for which he provided some intriguing answers, offering a new insight into his own

Take a tour through Christopher Paolini’s home — inside the workplace of the writer!

The New York Times recently profiled Christopher Paolini and published the story on their website — titled “Christopher Paolini’s Dragon Lair”. The article offers a unique look into the Paolini household and Christopher’s own writing area, where a vast majority of our favorite series came into existence. The photos are accompanied by a fascinating list

Christopher officially announces his next project: a sci-fi short story lead-in to his planned full-length scifi novel

Christopher Paolini has been a busy man on his Twitter account! Since joining the social update site in November, the author has logged over 1,000 “tweets” — which he celebrated by giving away a signed copy of Inheritance — and has answered hundreds of fan questions in the process. Yesterday, Christopher used his Twitter account

Enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Inheritance to celebrate Christopher Paolini’s 1000th Tweet!

Christopher Paolini has officially hit 1,000 tweets on his Twitter account (@InheritanceCP) — an impressive feat when you consider the author is still relatively new to the social sharing website after joining in early November. To celebrate, Christopher has asked us to help facilitate a giveaway of a signed and personalized copy of Inheritance to

Christopher Paolini releases another “Alagaesia Newsletter” discussing his tour, future tours, and more!

Christopher Paolini just released his annual holiday-timed newsletter, in which he discusses the completion of his North American tour (which ended yesterday) along with his experiences meeting fans across the country. Christopher also mentions his spring 2012 tour in Europe (dates to be announced in the future) and teases possible future dates outside of Europe

Christopher’s 40-minute long “Boys’ Life” live interview is now available to watch!

Christopher Paolini recently did a live video interview for Boys’ Life magazine, a magazine and web destination geared toward members of the Boy Scouts organization. The interview lasted over forty minutes and includes Christopher answering a large selection of fan-submitted questions! We now have a recording of the interview for those who missed it, and

Christopher Paolini will be this week’s “Featured Author” on Random Buzzers

Random Buzzers has just announced that Christopher Paolini will be visiting the Random House teen-centric network for a week-long visit to promote and discuss Inheritance! Christopher’s visit will take place on Random Buzzers, where Buzzers users will be allowed to ask Christopher questions. We’ll be sure to update the website following Christopher’s visit to showcase