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Interview: We talk more major Cycle info with Christopher, including Urgal and dwarf Riders, Sloan’s post-Inheritance fate, the new Riders’ pact, and new details on “Book 5″!

Several hidden interviews with Christopher have been released in the past, revealing gems and hoards of information about Inheritance and possible future books! This interview in particular is a revealing one, discussing a variety of topics ranging from the Ra’zac’s possible genocide and how dwarf and Urgal Riders will physically look, to new undiscovered creatures

What is “61 Cygni A”? Christopher drops first hint (his words: “spoiler”) regarding his upcoming sci-fi novel

Christopher Paolini is no stranger to giving fans hints, teasers, and small revelations. Last Wednesday, Christopher revealed his first “spoiler”/hint regarding his upcoming sci-fi novel: “61 Cygni A” on his personal Twitter account. How? He updated his Twitter location to the star system and let fans know that the location update was all they’d be

Travel back in time to the first post-Inheritance interview, shedding light on the series’ ending

Inheritance, the final book in the Inheritance Cycle, released to fans in November of 2011, ending the four book story of the characters we came to know and love over the course of the series’ eight year run. Although Christopher has stated that he plans to revisit the world of Alagaesia in a fifth book

Welcome back to Shur’tugal! We’re excited to announce a big revival and exciting future for the Inheritance community!

If it’s been a while since you last visited us, welcome back. If you’ve never visited us before, welcome! And if you’ve stuck around, waiting anxiously for updates, thanks for your patience – we hope the coming months of content makes up for it! We have grand plans for Shur’tugal. We aren’t quite ready to

Our LIVE Twitter chat and interview with Christopher Paolini is TONIGHT at 8pm EST/5pm PST! #Eragon10th

The last of our series of four interviews with Christopher Paolini ahead of the 10th anniversary of Eragon is finally here! Our live Twitter chat/interview with Christopher will take place tonight at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST! Tonight, Christopher will participate in an hour long interview on his official Twitter account, @Paolini. We will be

Join us for a LIVE Twitter chat and interview with Christopher Paolini on 10/9! #Eragon10th

We’re excited to announce that the last of our four interviews with Christopher Paolini will take place LIVE on Twitter… and will allow for fans to participate! Next Wednesday, October 9th, Christopher will be participating in an hour long interview on his official Twitter account, @Paolini. This live Twitter interview will start at 8 PM

Artist Alley: Take a tour through artists that have inspired Christopher in this exclusive article featuring a first look at Collector’s Edition art!

One of the wonderful things about San Diego Comic Con is the diversity of events, booths and people. This allows for all sorts of intermixing of creative and nerdy species. This year, we had the pleasure of experiencing one of these cross-overs. Christopher Paolini took some time out of his event schedule to walk Artists

We’re now taking questions for our next interview with Christopher Paolini!

We’re officially taking question submissions for our next interview with Christopher Paolini! Now is your chance to ask Christopher the questions you’ve been dying to have answers to… but don’t wait too long, as we’ll only be taking questions until 11:59pm EST on September 6th! The submission process is easy: simply leave a comment on

Another new interview: We talk more major Inheritance Cycle info with Christopher, including the Ra’zac genocide, the new Riders’ pact, and new details on “Book 5”!

To make up for the lack of new interviews with Christopher Paolini, we’re working our way through a series of four new interviews to be released through the end of October! Earlier this month we debuted the first of four interviews with Christopher, which discussed everything from dragon eggs and dragon mating habits, to the

Christopher Paolini like you’ve never seen him before: with a Galbatorix-style beard!

Christopher Paolini enjoys regularly keeping his fans up-to-date through his official Twitter and Facebook pages, often sharing details on his new projects and life events. Recently, Christopher decided to share photos of his newest fashion accessory with the world: his beard! The Inheritance author had been working on his beard leading up to San Diego