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The Random House Dragonmeisters

An interesting article about Christopher Paolini, the Inheritance Trilogy, and the wonderful folks behind the scenes at Random House Children’s was recently published in the Bertelsmann Annual 2006 report. The cover page features a picture of the Random House Children’s staff, many of whom Shur’tugal is privileged enough to work with, dressed in medieval wear

New Trilogy Answers From Christopher

Czech fan site recently received a reply to their open letter from Christopher Paolini, answering some questions they had about the Inheritance Trilogy.  Christopher’s response has since been released in Czech fantasy magazines and is being used for promotion by the Czech publisher.  You can read the questions and answers, which answer some intriguing

Eldest Releases in Paperback

A year and a half after its release world-wide in hardcover, Eldest hit the shelves (in the United States – foreign dates to come soon) mini-sized! Totaling 704 pages, the paperback edition will weigh 6.4 ounces and take up only 7.9 x 5.2 x 1.5 inches of your pocket space! Eldest can be purchased at

eBay Fan Art Fraud

We’d like to make our visitors aware of a recent Inheritance fan art scam taking place on the popular online bidding website, eBay. Various “online stores” have begun selling artwork by Kim Kincaid, also known as Fatty Lumpkin, as well as two other pieces from our fan art section as “prints” on eBay. Artists like

Shur’tugal Gear "Card Generator"

Thanks to Tim, Shur’tugal now has a Shur’tugal Gear “Gift Card” Generator! If you purchased a Shur’tugal t-shirt for a family member, friend, or anyone and want to give them a card as a sort of “place holder” until their shirt arrives (they’ll be shipped on January 2nd, for the record), you can use this

Shur’tugal Gear Now On Sale!

Shur’tugal is stoked to announce the pre-sale of our new line of Shur’tugal gear, being printed and shipped by Sam& Heading far from our original t-shirt logo, we’re back this year with two completely new shirts (and soon, hoodies!) with some amazing designs. The first design, an original drawing by our very own Allison, shows

Book Sales, Contest Winners, Podcast Number, New Staff

Lots of site updates! Firstly, the online book sale of personalized and autographed (by Christopher Paolini) copies of Eragon and Eldest (Limited Edition) will end on December 5th. All orders placed on or before December 5th will arrive to you on time for Christmas! Also, new support/contact information for the Shur’tugal Store can be found