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Borders Bookclub with Christopher Paolini

We’re excited to exclusively release the entire Borders Book Club with Christopher Paolini, available only to fans of until Tuesday. Some of you may recall our search earlier this month for talkative and excited fans to venture to Michigain to discuss Inheritance with Christopher Paolini and other fans. We now have an hour-long Book

New Book Covers!

Thanks to the Paolini family, we’ve received pictures of a few new book covers from foreign editions of Eragon and Eldest. First are the Ukraine editions of the books – the cover of Eragon features Eragon, Saphira, and two major cities/capitals. The cover for Eldest features Eragon, Thorn, Saphira, and what appears to be an

Eragon, Eldest Backpacks

Italian publisher Fabbri has released new Inheritance Trilogy backpacks. The Eragon backpack, blue like the book cover, features the drawing of Saphira and the golden “Eragon” letters (photo of the back here). The Eldest backpack is a maroon/red variation of the Eragon backpack, featuring the drawing of Thorn and the golden “Eldest” letters.