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Happy Fourth of July

From our family to yours, wishes all of our United States viewers a very happy (and safe!) Fourth of July! Our staff is hard at work sifting through the hundreds of submissions we received for this month’s Q&A before we send Christopher the very best. Hang tight, we’ll have another great interview for you

Shur’tugal’s Interview with Christopher Paolini

At long last, we’re happy to release to the fans our first post-Brisingr interview with Christopher Paolini, recorded a week ago. The interview is a recorded conversation between Christopher Paolini and myself, asking and discussing a number of great questions submitted by visitors. You can listen to the interview here. (Right click on the

Eragon, Eldest Backpacks

Italian publisher Fabbri has released new Inheritance Trilogy backpacks. The Eragon backpack, blue like the book cover, features the drawing of Saphira and the golden “Eragon” letters (photo of the back here). The Eldest backpack is a maroon/red variation of the Eragon backpack, featuring the drawing of Thorn and the golden “Eldest” letters.

eBay Fan Art Fraud

We’d like to make our visitors aware of a recent Inheritance fan art scam taking place on the popular online bidding website, eBay. Various “online stores” have begun selling artwork by Kim Kincaid, also known as Fatty Lumpkin, as well as two other pieces from our fan art section as “prints” on eBay. Artists like

Shur’tugal Gear "Card Generator"

Thanks to Tim, Shur’tugal now has a Shur’tugal Gear “Gift Card” Generator! If you purchased a Shur’tugal t-shirt for a family member, friend, or anyone and want to give them a card as a sort of “place holder” until their shirt arrives (they’ll be shipped on January 2nd, for the record), you can use this