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Christopher Paolini Visits Random Buzzers

Random House just announced through their Random Buzzers fan portal and community that Christopher Paolini will be joining the Buzzers community as next week’s featured author to discuss The Inheritance Almanac and Book 4. Fans interested in contributing to the upcoming Buzzers discussion with Christopher can visit his thread over on their community. Be sure to …

Sneak Peek at The Inheritance Almanac

Although The Inheritance Almanac released just yesterday, our coverage of the book — including our upcoming free-to-read “Companion to the Companion” guide has only just begun! We’re excited to share a 14 page preview of The Inheritance Almanac with Shur’tugal readers thanks to Random House! Continue reading for a free preview of The Inheritance Almanac!

New Alagaesia Newsletter: Announcing the Almanac, Sweepstakes

Christopher Paolini has sent out his latest edition of the Alagaesia News, his periodic newsletter used to connect the author to his fans. It’s been a while since we last heard from Christopher, which means we were in for quite the long letter! Christopher used the opportunity to discuss a number of recent happenings, including the …