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Brisingr Deluxe Edition – REVIEW!

We’ve prepared a review and impressions overview of the new content featured in the Brisingr Deluxe Edition, now on sale in the United States and Canada! We take a look at both deleted scenes from the books, the guide to dwarven runes (including illustrations of each rune!), and the fold-out poster of the Lethrblaka, featuring

Brisingr Deluxe Edition On Sale Now!

The Deluxe Edition of Brisingr, packed with exclusive never-before-seen artwork, deleted scenes, and writing on dwarven runes, hit store shelves today in the United States and Canada! Our team is hard at work on a write-up of impressions and a summary of content which will be posted on the website this evening. To commemorate its

First Q&A With Christopher Paolini – Transcript!

The first in our once-per-month series of question and answer interview sessions with Christopher Paolini has taken place and the transcript is now online! All of the questions asked during the interview were submitted by fans on Shur’tugal and hand-picked by Shur’tugal staff. If your question wasn’t answered during this month’s interview with Christopher, don’t

High Quality Look at the Lethrblaka Painting

Thanks to the incredibly talented John Jude Palencar, we now have a high quality copy of the Lethrblaka painting (set to be featured as the cover for the second volume of Brisingr in Japan as well as being a fold-out poster in the upcoming Brisingr Deluxe Edition). This high quality version features the correct coloring

First Look At Palencar’s Lethrblaka!

Thanks to our friends at El Mundo de Alagaesia (Spanish Inheritance blog) and Eragon Italia (Italian Inheritance fan site), we now have our first look at John Jude Palencar’s rendition of the lethrblaka! Palencar was commissioned to paint the Lethrblaka (adult generation Ra’zac) for the second Japanese volume of Brisingr. Continue reading for a peak