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New Alagaesia Newsletter

Christopher Paolini recently sent out a new Alagaesia newsletter, his first in a few months, discussing his progress with Book 3, the title and cover of Book 3, his decision to convert the trilogy into a cycle (four books), and more! I know from your letters that you are curious about the name and cover

Inheritance Cycle – Now Four Books!

It was announced today that the Inheritance Trilogy is the Inheritance Trilogy no more – a forth, full-length novel has been added to the Trilogy, expanding Eragon and Saphira’s adventures. “I plotted out the Inheritance series as a trilogy nine years ago, when I was fifteen. At that time, I never imagined I’d write all

Exciting News Almost Here!

Looks like some news we’ve all been hoping for is here! Random House sent out a newsletter this afternoon informing fans that some “exciting news” will be released tomorrow, October 30th! Be sure to check back on Shur’tugal, as we’ll be posting any and all news the second we get it! Let the speculation begin…

New Alagaesia News – 7/19/07

Christopher recently sent out a new Alagaesia newsletter to give us an update on the writing of Book III, as well as to recommend several titles for reading in the interim (after you’ve finished Deathly Hallows, of course). No major information about Book III was revealed in the newsletter, and Christopher again asked for patience

Book 3 Excerpt Released Online

Couldn’t save up enough to buy the Limited Edition of Eldest? Didn’t get to the stores before the Limited Edition was retired from print? Or just too cheap to buy a copy to read the Book 3 excerpt? Never fear! Random House has exclusively released the excerpt of Book 3 as part of their new

The Random House Dragonmeisters

An interesting article about Christopher Paolini, the Inheritance Trilogy, and the wonderful folks behind the scenes at Random House Children’s was recently published in the Bertelsmann Annual 2006 report. The cover page features a picture of the Random House Children’s staff, many of whom Shur’tugal is privileged enough to work with, dressed in medieval wear

New Trilogy Answers From Christopher

Czech fan site recently received a reply to their open letter from Christopher Paolini, answering some questions they had about the Inheritance Trilogy.  Christopher’s response has since been released in Czech fantasy magazines and is being used for promotion by the Czech publisher.  You can read the questions and answers, which answer some intriguing

Random House’s Frycaya Network

Random House recently launched their new "Fricaya Network" site as part of the official Inheritance Trilogy website.  The site, which in the future will house some information about Book 3, also allows you to email friends with a greeting card recorded by Christopher Paolini.  Being a member also enables you to win some cool exclusive