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New Alagaesia Newsletter

Christopher Paolini has released his newest Alagaesia Newsletter to coincide with the release of the Brisingr Tour Dates! Christopher recently traveled to New York City to do a series of interviews with various people, including his editor Michelle Frey. His interview with Michelle will be a bonus feature on the Brisingr audio book. Christopher also

Brisingr Tour Dates Announced

Random House has released the list of dates and locations for Christopher Paolini’s ten city Brisingr tour. The tour will begin in New York City on the eve of Brisingr‘s release, September 19th! and staff will be in attendance at this release – more information to come soon! If you’re interested in meeting up

Inheritance At Comic-Con

This year’s Comic-Con has drawn to a close, and while Shur’tugal wasn’t able to attend in full force as we have in years past, we still had one staff member attend. Thanks to help from our good friends at Random House, staff member Katya was able to walk around the convention center for a few

Vroengard Academy Physical Trial #4

Like Physical Trials #1 (Spirit of a Dragon) and #2 (Face of a Ra’zac), #4 tasks Sverd and Skolir members to upload photos for points. The sooner they do, the more points they’ll get for themselves and their teams. So here’s the trial: Capture the Essence of Magic. Now head on over to the site

Final Brisingr Spoiler Revealed

Christopher Paolini and Random House have released the third and final Brisingr spoiler. The newest spoiler is by far the most interesting of the three, though still not too revealing. For those of you who aren’t interested in reading even the tiniest of “spoilers,” we’re putting this one after the break. To view the spoiler

Where’s That Interview?!

An incredibly exciting part of our trip to Book Expo America a few weeks ago was our announcement of an interview with Christopher Paolini. For the interview, we pooled all kinds of great questions from site fans and from the pile picked the best of the best questions. The questions were asked and answered all

Vroengard Academy…

Click the below link to learn more about Vroengard Academy!Fans can join the ranks of the elite Dragon Riders of Vroengard Academy to train under such riders and dragons as Oromis and Glaedr! Once you’ve enrolled, you will go through orientation – choosing between a series of pictures, eventually sorting you to a team. Each