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New Alagaesia Newsletter details Christopher’s adventures on tour

Christopher Paolini has released another edition of his Alagaesia Newsletter from overseas, detailing his travels on the first leg of his international book tour for Inheritance. Some highlights from the newsletter include various interactions with fans, from a Spanish girl who had Christopher’s signature tattooed on her arm to a group of German fans who

Christopher Paolini releases another “Alagaesia Newsletter” discussing his tour, future tours, and more!

Christopher Paolini just released his annual holiday-timed newsletter, in which he discusses the completion of his North American tour (which ended yesterday) along with his experiences meeting fans across the country. Christopher also mentions his spring 2012 tour in Europe (dates to be announced in the future) and teases possible future dates outside of Europe

Another Newsletter From Christopher, More Sneaky Book 4 Hints

Christopher has released another Alagaesia Newsletter, this time congratulating the winners of Random House’s recent Super Fan Video Contest in addition to offering an update on the status of Book 4, which includes some sneaky hints at a scene he just completed. Christopher also took some time to offer advice for aspiring authors who entered

Happy Holidays!

Christopher sent out a quick note to Inheritance via his Alagaesia Newsletter this week: Greetings Friends! As the year comes to an end, I would like to thank you all for being such amazing and supportive fans. To everyone who entered the Super Fan contest, thank you for participating. I am excited to review the entries over

New Alagaesia Newsletter: Announcing the Almanac, Sweepstakes

Christopher Paolini has sent out his latest edition of the Alagaesia News, his periodic newsletter used to connect the author to his fans. It’s been a while since we last heard from Christopher, which means we were in for quite the long letter! Christopher used the opportunity to discuss a number of recent happenings, including

New Junior Riders Game

Random House has released the last of four animated video games as part of their Inheritance cycle Junior Riders promotional website. The last of the games allows the player to hunt and defeat Urgals using a number of weapons, including Arya’s bow! Do you have what it takes to hunt Urgals? Check out the new