Deluxe Edition of Inheritance

inheritance de page headerdeluxe edition coverFollowing in the footsteps of the three prior Deluxe Edition releases for Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr, the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance aims to provide a collectable version of Inheritance jam-packed with story changes and additions, exclusive post-Inheritance story, and new artwork from Christopher Paolini and John Jude Palencar. The fan highlight of the Deluxe Edition is a letter from Jeod Longshanks detailing life after Inheritance for many of the series’ main characters.

Deluxe Edition of Inheritance

A letter from Jeod detailing life after Inheritance

Christopher delivered on his promise to offer fans more closure after Inheritance by including a letter written by Jeod, sent to a member of Jeod’s “Order”, detailing life for many of our favorite characters after the events of Inheritance. Included in Jeod’s letter are highlights from his manuscript detailing the lives and whereabouts of many of the series’ key characters, including:

  • Eragon and Saphira
  • Murtagh and Thorn
  • Arya and Firnen
  • Roran Stronghammer
  • The dragons’ eggs given to the dwarves and Urgals
  • Nasuada and her plans to govern Alagaesia’s magic users
  • Tenga and his mysterious disappearance
  • The disappearance of Angela the herbalist
  • The apparent disappearance of the Ra’zac and Lethrblaka
  • Galbatorix’s body
  • The “Nameless One”…

Story content changes and additions

Using the Deluxe Edition release as an opportunity to adjust the book’s content, the author added to and changed the text of Inheritance in several places, which included the addition of five new scenes or lines. Christopher stated, “With the exception of the first and last changes, I take the view that all of these things occurred in the original edition of Inheritance; I merely failed to describe them.”

  • Fixed a scene in which Brisingr fails to burst into flame after Eragon spoke the sword’s name (chapter 36)
  • Expanded on dialogue between Eragon and Arya during their conversation on true names (chapter 36)
  • NEW: Added a scene where Eragon again meets the wounded warrior from Brisingr who can see the light that illuminates from the flesh of the world (chapter 61)
  • NEW: Added a brief mention of Eragon’s enchanted faelnirv (chapter 64)
  • NEW: Added a few lines about Jeod and Saphira’s flight together (chapter 73)
  • NEW: Added clarification of the paragraph dealing with the island of Vroengard (chapter 73)
  • NEW: Added a mention of three Eldunari staying behind in Du Weldenvarden for reasons explained thereat (chapter 74)

New — and old — artwork

The Deluxe Edition of Inheritance brought us several new – and old – pieces of Christopher’s artwork, in addition to an entirely new piece of art by award winning illustrator and Inheritance Cycle cover artist John Jude Palencar:

  • NEW: Christopher’s drawing of Glaedr’s eye, a new piece drawn exclusively for the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance
  • NEW: Christopher’s haunting drawing of Shruikan’s eye, drawn exclusively for the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance
  • NEW: Christopher’s drawing of Eragon’s hands beginning to unsheathe Brisingr
  • NEW: Exclusive fold-out poster featuring John Jude Palencar’s new painting of Shruikan, done in the same style as the four Inheritance Cycle book covers
  • The familiar map of Alagaesia adorns the inside of the book (originally drawn by Christopher Paolini during the writing of Eragon)
  • Christopher’s drawing of Saphira’s eye (originally used for the cover of the self-published edition of Eragon)
  • Christopher’s drawing of Thorn’s eye (originally drawn for the Limited Edition of Eldest)
  • Christopher’s drawing of Brom’s ring (originally drawn for the Limited Edition of Eldest)

A letter from Christopher Paolini

A three part, five page letter from Christopher Paolini opens the Deluxe Edition of Inheritance, taking readers back to the beginning days of the Inheritance Cycle. In it, Christopher discusses his early attempts at writing, leading to the creation of Eragon, as well as changes made to the text of Inheritance and the profound impact the series has had on his life.

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