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Was Vrael and Galbatorix’s sword – Islingr/Vrangr – the sword of the first Eragon? Christopher’s tweets indicate: yes!

We recently released a two part series, the “Top Ten Weapons in Alagaesia“, exploring the most powerful and moving weapons in the Inheritance Cycle. The posts spawned mass amounts of discussion. Is Brisingr really more powerful than Tinkledeath? Did Vrangr really bring about more change than Brisingr? What about Brom’s sword? However, Christopher Paolini himself

From Rider Swords to Ascûdgamln, Shur’tugal Presents: The Top Ten Weapons in the Inheritance Cycle: Part 1 (#6-10)

Every true fantasy hero (and villain) needs a good weapon.  Whether in a large scale battle or a duel of champions, a warrior’s chosen weapon can mean life or death.  Not only used for fighting, they can also be symbols of great power, hope and despair.  Fortunately for fans of the Inheritance Cycle, the series

Question: Where in the world is Angela the Herbalist? And what the heck is she?!

If there’s one topic that fans of Inheritance love to discuss, it’s the simple question of “What happens next?”.  Tune in to any given conversation regarding the conclusion of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle and there is a good chance that the chatter will find its way towards the story’s most enigmatic character: Angela the herbalist.

Catch up on months of questions and answers with our ‘Christopher Paolini Interview Recap’!

Social media is an interesting place: sometimes you’ll find useful information and updates from friends and internet personalities… while other times, you’ll find the weird, the obscure, and the downright bizarre. Social media also happens to be home to Christopher Paolini’s official Twitter account. Christopher will, on rare occasions, offer fans a fifteen minute session

Featured article: The Inheritance Cycle’s great “Rider War” and a comprehensive timeline of battles and conflicts

While a story of growth, friendship, adventure, and hardships, the Inheritance Cycle is also, at its core, a story of war. Named the “Rider War” by Inheritance Cycle readers, dozens of skirmishes and battles filled the pages of all four books in the series. With so many battles between races, factions, and nations, one may